Hunker II

No — 
we were always on the same side and I knew it:

even when you told us there wasn’t enough.
Even when you told me I wasn’t enough.
That he loved someone better,
that this world was too shaky and uncertain for love — 
something in me never trusted you, never
quite believed.

How could there not be enough,
when there’s all of existence?
How could I not be enough,
when I’m all that I have?

Look, from the dregs of the universe I come toward you laughing,
from the bunkers where we waited for the end, I come
throwing off the cloak of our martyrdom and the joke that you made us into,
refusing the script that you wrote
and the role that I took.

Come, beloved, there’s always time for a rewrite,
there’s always time to change the way the deck is stacked.
Pull your claws out of the fabric of spacetime.
Let your spirit feel where it wanted to be all along.