I’m mesmerized by our dirty lies
and the way we let us go
and the way we hate, and spit at Fate
and stop the river’s flow.

we are the devil’s children,
the only things alive
who take the gift and degrade the gift
and make the gift survive.

you dream of us and you fear what’s us
for you fear that it’s in you.
and the way we dance on the winds of chance
you fear that madness too.

you fear the way we do not fear
and you fear the way we live
and the love we make and the love we take
and mostly the love we give.

for the love we give is a pretty little sieve
for the love that we take away
and you are not sure that there’ll be a cure
at the dawning of the day.

so keep your life and your house and your wife
you’re a coward, hope you choke.
I’ll dance on the wind and say I sinned
and think it’s a jolly good joke.